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Here are the breads we make and where they are available.

Breads                          Other Items

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us with them. Availability is as follows: In Store/Bakery is at our Bakery Store, Retail Outlets are Grocery Stores, etc., items marked in the Restaurants category are made for delivery to Restaurants, and Special Orders are just that, Special Orders - which require a 48 hour notice.

In Store - Bakery Retail Outlets Restaraunts Special Order
2# Pullman White Sliced     marked marked
2# Pullman Whole Wheat     marked marked
2# Pullman Raisin Sliced – ½” or 1”     marked marked
2# Pullman Greek Bread Sliced     marked marked
1 ½ # Texas Toast Sliced – ¾” or 1”     marked marked
1# Whole Wheat Sliced marked marked    
1# Cinnamon Raisin Bread Sliced marked      
1# Italian Unsliced marked marked    
1# Italian Sliced marked marked    
1# Italian Thick Sliced – ¾” or 1”     marked marked
1 ½# Special Round Italian Sliced     marked marked
1 ½# Mini Head Italian Sliced marked marked marked  
Restaurant Twin Seeded – each     marked marked
Restaurant Twin Plain – each     marked marked
Die Cut 3 French Plain     marked marked
Die Cut 4 Plain – each     marked marked
Die Cut 4 Seeded – each     marked marked
Super French Per Foot – 3 to 6 foot       marked
1# French Bread marked      
15oz. French Bread     marked marked
Short French Bread     marked marked
Short French Seeded     marked marked
Paielli’s Panette Twins – 2 pk marked <