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Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce
2003 Annual Awards Dinner
Business of the Year - Paielli’s Bakery

Paielli’s Bakery, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2003,
is a business synonymous with quality who has served customers at their store for 80 years. Paielli’s products are used in various delis and restaurants, in addition to being available on grocery store shelves throughout our Region. The Business of the Year award is nominated by our membership and given to an established Chamber Member who has demonstrated longevity as well as a record of community involvement, and an outstanding commitment to customers and employees.

Sante Paielli came to America in 1920 and worked at Simmons Mattress Company when he decided to open his own bakery, United Baking Company in 1923. As the demand for Paielli’s products increased, Sante found that the building was too crowded and moved the business to 22nd Avenue and 55th Street. However, the business kept growing and Sante had to continue moving until settling in the current facility at 6020 39th Avenue.

Paielli's BakeryDuring this time, only Sante, his wife Matilda, daughter Ida, sons Dominick and Dino, and a couple of other employees worked at the Bakery. Many credit Matilda’s dedication to her husband and the family business to it’s survival. “She was right there with my dad” recalls Dino “helping customers, working in the bakery and making many of the cookies by hand”. To honor his mother’s strong attitude, Dino affectionately named the cookie that she was best known for, the Matilda Cookie, which is one of the bakery’s most popular items.

Sante also found that there was much competition and wanted to set his products apart from the others. He decided to change the name of the bakery to Paielli’s Bakery in the early 1950's. Since then, the Paielli name has become synonymous with quality due to the family’s dedication to their product. Ralph Tenuta recalls, “One time I saw that a loaf of Paielli’s bread was a few cents more than their competitors. I asked Sante why he didn’t lower his price and he said ‘because I make a better product’”.

“No matter how much we changed or grew” Dino states, “we never changed the recipes or the quality–it’s our most concern even today to make the product look the same and taste the same”. The volume of products has increased, which has lead to several major expansions such as an increase in the production space, purchasing modern equipment, adding new showcases and new loading docks and increasing office space.

David, Mark, and Dino PaielliAnother feature of the bakery that has remained unchanged is Paielli’s dedication to their employees and customers. Many employees have been with the bakery since high school and are regarded as “extended family”. Dino credits the dependability of the staff on the bakery’s success and enjoys working side-by-side with his employees. Employees describe Dino as “Not your typical boss who tells you how to do something–he is right next to you, working with you and showing you.” While he can rely and trust his employees, as well as the contributions of his sons, Mark and David who also work at the bakery, Dino is quick to joke, “I still always put my two-cents in!”

Dino also enjoys working with new employees, particularly with students for which the bakery is their first job. “It is a great pleasure to train others to have a good work ethic” Dino states “and to teach them to ask questions and work hard”. He tries to teach others what his father had taught him: Be cautious, work hard, always pay your creditors and always maintain the quality of your product.

The year 2003 marks the bakery’s 80th Anniversary of being a family-owned and operated business in Kenosha and they take pride in having a business that has held the same passion and goals for three generations. Dino and his brother Dominick worked side-by-side for many years after their parents retired in 1961. Dino’s wife Janice also worked with them until the birth of their first son. In 1993, Dominick retired and Dino became the sole owner of the bakery, yet he was not alone. His two sons, Mark and David, have also joined the family business and daughter-in-law Georgette also works with the bakery. Dino says that one of the best things about working with family is that “you can depend on them–they will always be there”. The family also looks toward the future with a fourth generation having the same desire. All of Dino’s grandchildren have worked and/or still currently assist their grandfather in the bakery.

The motto of the bakery is “We like being sweet to you” which describes Paielli’s undying dedication and commitment to not only their product, but to their customers who they take great pride in and treasure. “One of the best feelings in the world is when your customer accepts your product and ours (customers) keep coming back” remarks Dino “and that is why I think that our customers are our greatest accomplishment”. Paielli’s is well-known for going out of their way to design products specifically for their customers, such as the Muffo-Lotta and the Mini Head Bread, will ship products across the country for those who “cannot have their special events without Paielli’s there”, and will personally visit customers to assist with their unique needs.

Dino, Fran, Mark, and RobertThe Paielli family feels that giving back to the community is very important because it is the community and surrounding areas that have helped to make them who they are. The bakery donates to numerous organizations, clubs, schools, youth programs, churches and soup kitchens. They also are involved in various community organizations such as the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, the Retail Bakers of America, the Wisconsin Bakers Association and the Valley Bakers Co-op.

Dino believes that if his father would be very proud and pleased with the bakery’s success. He also adds that its important to acknowledge his mother and her contributions, “I give her the credit for most of what happened all these years--she was the driving force. When my father was ill and couldn’t come in, she was here, working and keeping the place going.”

The Paielli family’s undying dedication to the quality of their product, customer satisfaction and commitment to the community is what makes their business a success. As their motto states “We like being sweet to you”, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce would like to say congratulations to Paielli’s Bakery and thank you for creating such excellent “Sweets” for to Kenosha.

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Reprinted with permission from a Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce special insert in the September 30, 2003 issue of the Kenosha News.


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